Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Supremacist Makes Threat over Ground Zero Mosque

Supremacist Issues Threat to Muslim Dissident Re Ground Zero Mosque

Supremacist seeking construction of Cordoba II Hate House at scene of massive Islamic supremacist slaughter of innocents makes ominous phone call to Canadian Muslim who opposes the construction.

h/t: Tarek Fatah
Raza says she asked questions about who was financing the building, estimated to cost $100 million, and whether any of the money would come from countries other than the United States. There has been much speculation that the mosque is being funded through Saudi Arabian sources but at the Manhattan meeting Raza said there were no answers.
On Monday, back in Toronto, Raza says she received a call on her cellphone from a man who identified as Sharif El Gamal. “His tone was intimidating,” said Raza. “He accused me of 'jumping into’ the meeting he called and then said 'May Allah protect you.’ I was shocked and hung up.”
Raza says she took the phone call as a clear threat against her.
“Why would I need Allah’s protection?” asked Raza.

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