Monday, August 16, 2010

Re The Ground Zero Hate House Provocation

Rex Murphy discusses.

 Allahu Akhbar!

"Tolerance" and "understanding"???

I say...

You know, we got Syed Soharwardy to back off on his B.S. "human rights" complaint against Ezra Levant, by speaking our minds about the intolerant-supremacist Soharwardy's obvious campaign of hate and intimidation.

We can also wage a successful campaign to get the Hate House built anywhere but Ground Zero.

All they have to do is build it SOMEWHERE ELSE.

That's all we're asking. Build it anywhere but Ground Zero. 

So why don't they?

I'll tell y'all why.

Because it'd defeat the purpose of the provocation, the punishment of non-Muslims for being non-Muslims, the deliberate hurting of peoples' feelings, the deliberate incitement to resentment and hard feelings. It's all in the interests of supremacist, imperialist Islam, ie. a contemporary international jihad/conquest, a more insidious version of the Islamic conquests of long ago which necessitated the Crusades to save Christians from eradication.

The Ground Zero Provocation is about fomenting hard feelings and conflict. It's not about "private property rights", nor about "freedom of religion". The Imam who wants to build there is obviously doing so as he WANTS there to be conflict!

Ok, Mr. Nasty Troll Guy.  Perhaps it's not a "mosque".  Perhaps it's a HATE HOUSE. 

UPDATE:  Via the comments (but deleted)... Mr. Nasty Troll Guy (who absurdly goes by the nonsensical moniker "Balbulican") who hates Israel because she's Jewish, not Muslim, and who automatically, brainlessly, prejudicially, will bash her instead of "Palestine", even when the videotape evidence proves to his very Nazi-like eyes that it's the "Palestinians" who are the aggressors-without-provocation, as in the Flotilla Hate Boat incident), he's now calling me a "racist" (Islam isn't a race, you stupid-ass curmudgeon bozo), a "hater" and a "neo-Nazi"...  like he's automatically also calling 70 percent of Americans and many, many more worldwide, opposing the Ground Zero Hate House proposed by the neo-Nazi, anti-Semite, Islamic supremacist Imam.

Here we go again with Hard-Left unhingedness.  I'm glad I decided to boot him off permanently.  Maybe he can find a job with Hamas's Ministry of Propaganda... they love people who call Jews "Nazis", y'know, and who also call those who oppose Islamic supremacism "Nazis"...

If anything, folks like that troll... they're the real neo-Nazis, or at least their enablers.

How ironic.  Folks like Mr. Nasty Troll Guy are opposed to there being a Jewish nation on Earth, yet I get called a neo-Nazi for opposing a building that's a symbol of Judeophobic hatred?  Sheesh.   "Progressives"... THEY should be providing a livelihood for psychiatrists/psyhchologists, who are, instead, wasting time simply writing prescriptions for harm-worsening drugs for people who simply need the couch treatment to "get 'er together".

Apparenlty Mr Troll Guy is fine with Islam dominating the world, fine with Shariah Law, fine with "vulnerable", "downtrodden", "peaceful" people who kill people for being gay, who cut off womens' noses and ears and throw acid on them, etc., etc....  Go, go, go away, Mr. Nasty Troll Guy!  Two blocks is too close.  Try two miles at least.  Someplace where you won't automatically bludgeon peoples' feelings with your malicious lies and provocations.

By the way, I'd like to say to Mr. Nasty Troll Guy:  Maybe you ARE a Chinese Communist Spy, a Russian  Putinist Spy, a dhimmi Islamofascist Spy...  Of course you can be a boring old honkin' Canadian fart whom nobody'd  ever suspect of running a subversive, treasonous Covert-Influence racket, either knowingly or unknowingly... AND be any or all of those things.  Hoooooo... are you completely unhinged now?  Oh, don't bother to respond... it will NEVER be published.  :)

Apparently, I hit the nail on the head with this post.  The closer we get to describing the agenda of those crazy-ass folks, the more unhinged the Covert-Influencers become...


MikeAdamson said...

The centre is to be built a few blocks away from Ground Zero. What distance would be appropriate?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Two blocks, not "a few". Debris and bodyparts rained down on the area, so it counts as Ground Zero.

I think that they ought to propose a further-away location and gauge the reaction. If the People are fine with the new location, then it's far enough.

QC1 said...

I saw a picture of demonstrators against the "Ground Zero Mosque" and one placard said it eloquently: "You can build a mosque at Ground Zero when we can build a synagogue in Mecca"

Can't get any clearer than that, right?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Exactly. But the pro-Hate-House folks don't want to "go there"... wonder why that's inconvenient for them to address... Don't they believe in private property rights and religious freedom in Saudi Arabia? Guess not. Only when it helps Islam set up here, do they believe in "rights", ie. as a Trojan Horse.