Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Muslim Canadian Congress Rep OPPOSES G-Z Mega Mosque

ht: Tarek Fatah

Aside note to The Troll:   Yes, Mr. Covert-Influencing Propaganda Flinger Who Swears He's Not a Communist Spy with the incredibly stupid online moniker, it IS a Mosque.  The building includes a Mosque, plus other stuff, therefore it's a Mega-Mosque.  YOU are the one lying all the time.  So shut up.  Stop being a dhimmi.  Stop submitting to the Allahu-Akhbar movement that's fomenting anger, resentment, strife and bridge-burning between Muslims and "Kufrs".   Stop being stupid, and stop telling lies about me behind my back on your stupid-ass Covert-Influencing site.

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