Friday, August 20, 2010

Imam Rauf, the Ground Zero Mosque, and National Security

Imam Rauf, the Ground Zero Mosque, and National Security

It would be a bad idea to allow an asset controlled by American adversaries to be built anywhere in the United States.

What good are our property, and other, rights... after The Enemy has one day taken over our nation and taken them away from us?

If we don't remain vigilant re clear and present dangers threatening our national security from within as well as from without, then we're screwed. 

Because the nature of warfare has been changed... by The Enemy. 

In fact, our enemies are currently actually waging war against us without us noticing! 

This is the insidious nature of it all, taking advantage of our rights and freedoms to take over our nation over the long run, perhaps by taking over the government via an election won by ensuring an electoral population critical mass to guarantee an enemy-friendly political party a victory. 

Of course, there could very well be violent force to overthrow our adminstration. And the means whereby this will happen will actually be somewhat different from those described by History. New techniques and technologies of destruction may well be used for the first time as warfare. They may be combined with already-used weapons, too.

Fools and Useful Idiots want us to pretend this isn't happening.  But those of us who've been paying attention know that is and has been for decades.


trencherbone said...

As well as next month's anniversary of 9/11, there's a more imminent though lesser known Islamic anniversary - the murderous child-rape orgy at Beslan in early September 2004.

Muslim terrorists killed and tortured countless victims. Young girls were raped with gun barrels and other objects. Children were forced to drink their own urine before being executed. And to make matters worse, the MSM tried to cover up all Islamic involvement, and have done so ever since.

Both anniversaries provide grim but necessary 'teaching moments' to educate the American people about Islam. We owe it to the victims to tell the truth and clear through the Islamic lies.

The 9/11 attack wasn't an abberation caused by 'militants' who had hijacked the 'peaceful religion' of Islam. The attack was a direct consequence of standard Islamic teaching on the need to kill Harbis.

Terrorism and intimidation are essential features of Islam without which it cannot survive.

Similarly, the sadism and pedophilia of Beslan stem directly from the example set by the 'Perfect Man', the murdering, child-raping false prophet Mohammed.

In commemorating these anniversaries, we need to avoid just preaching to the choir. We need to copy the tactics of the jihadists with their mosques in every town and 'Think Globally, Act Locally'.

The blogosphere is fine for communicating globally with other Islamically Aware bloggers, but to reach the bulk of the people we also need to use local forums, online local news media, social networks etc.

All necessary information is HERE - - Go forth and multiply it!

MikeAdamson said...

Why stop at blocking the project in New York? Why not deport the enemy or incarcerate him if our freedom is at stake?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Now you're being ridiculous as well as sarcastic, Mike. "Incinerate"? Sheesh! What do you think we are, barbarians?

All we want to do is stop that thing from being built at Ground Zero. It will only cause Muslim-Non-Muslim distrust and even violence. Can't you see it? Guess not, if you're a... Leftist.

See all the Muslims saying that Cordoba II must not happen? They know it's wrong. Finally the Good Muslims are standing up and speaking out against the supremacists! It's about time!

MikeAdamson said...

"Incinerate?" No, "incarcerate" and if the Muslims are the enemy then it makes no sense to stop at opposing the Cordoba project. As for the "Good Muslims" standing up...I thought that the guys building the centre are "good Muslims", interested in fostering inter cultural and inter faith relations, opposing terrorism, etc.

My two bits and I appreciate you allowing me to comment.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Whoops- my bad... LOL

Actually, Mike, if you were aware as to the nature of Imam Rauf, you would NOT consider him a "good guy".

Time to pay attention, look closely, vet him.

It's critically important to look past the commentary they utter for the Old Media, which is propaganda, and also known as "Taqiyya", Islamically-permitted lying to Kufrs for the purpose of fooling them into a false sense of okayness.

Time to do your homework. He is NOT "good" at all, despite the sheeps clothing and the incorrectly positive portrayal in the Old Media.

If you prefer the Old Media sources, then no wonder you thought he was "good". I recommend broadening your horizons, opening your mind... to those new media, ie. FOX News et al, which you may have thought somehow bad 'cos the Old Media wrongly, jealously told you they were.

If David Duke wanted to build a massive complex of stuff, with a "whites-only" clubhouse, and was portrayed in the Old Media as a "good guy" (and you didn't know about his real, hidden agenda because the Old Media refused to say anything about it out of political correctness), would you say, "Ah, whatever... Mr. Duke has rights, he can build whatever the hell he wants wherever, so long as the property is private. He's a good guy, I hear, besides. Rights are rights, and anyone can build anything anywhere."???

I also think it's funny that the government can forbid us to build a mere storage shed on our own property... I thought rights were rights, and couldn't be taken away for any reason by the state. Apparently I was wrong. So people who want to build stuff on their property, why go after them and require it to be "within regulations", but not care that there'd be a supremacist/imperialist-controlled Mosque-surrounded-by-normal-seeming-stuff thing designed as a deliberate attack upon the feelings of tragedy victims?