Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Disgraced JournoListas linked to Obama terrorist buds Ayers, Dohrn

Left-leaning news reporters linked to Bill Ayers, Dohrn
Among the individuals who were part of the controversial JournoList e-mail group were activists who served on an editorial board alongside Weather Underground terror group founders William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, WND has learned.

Also, it has emerged that other members of JournoList were activists from a far-left think tank with close ties to a Marxist-founded, George Soros-funded group that petitions for more government control of the Internet. 
Oh, my!

Big surprise? Not for me.

Betcha they've got a new email list to conspire as to how to cover up THIS story!  LOL

Caught with their pants down... AGAIN!

Remember in November, my American friends.  DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY "LIBERAL"  "PROGRESSIVE", "DEMOCRATIC PARTY" candidates!

Turn hard right in November or it'll be too late!  And then impeach Obama ASAP (that'll be easy enough, obviously, because of the things he's done!), using the new hard-right majority in the houses.  To save America.

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Jen said...

Did you hear Glenn Beck yesterday when he said "THE LIBERALS ARE DEAD" meaning the LIBERAL BRAND NAME IS DEAD -they are now PROGRESSIVES taken over by radicals. Wow!

Watching Glenn express the 'death of the liberals I said out loud " "same here Glenn, the canadians liberals are dead,they too have been taken over by progressive" introduced by PAUL MARTIN. And now look at them.they are a empty shell; they have no meaning no voice no nothing- only the national media is keeping their brand name liberals alive.

Come to think of it, neither is the media at home -only fake media roams the corridors.