Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Incompetent StatsCan Got July Job Figures Wrong

StatsCan under fire for incompetence, inaccuracy

Statistics Canada’s dismal July jobs report made the country’s employment situation look far worse than it actually is, prompting economists to question how the agency counts the country’s 17 million workers.

Statscan’s chronic inability to accurately track teachers in the summer months, rather than a faltering economy, largely explains why Canada’s job creation machine abruptly stalled in July.

And that’s left people wondering if they can trust what is probably the most closely tracked barometer of the economy – how many Canadians are actually working every month.

In a report Monday, Scotiabank economist Derek Holt suggested investors should “throw out the jobs report.”
If they're so crappy with the unemployment figures, imagine how they'd feck up the long-form questions, whether answers are provided voluntarily or coerced under threat of imprisonment.

I say throw out the Census Long Form, too!

StatsCan can't be trusted!  They feck stuff up!


Discreditable Sheikh tries again to push long-form of Census...

But Stephen Harper made it emphatically clear Monday that an 11th-hour reversal is not on his agenda. The long form asks personal questions that some Canadians may be reluctant to answer, the Prime Minister told reporters in Vancouver in his first public utterance on the controversy since it broke in July.

“I know some people think the appropriate way to deal with that is through prosecuting those individuals with fines and jail terms,” Mr. Harper said. “This government will not do that. In this day and age, that is not the appropriate way to get the public’s co-operation.”

Ok, folks... nothing more to see here.  MOVE ON!

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Jen said...

This long form has been there for many years only a few wordings has been eliminated from the list by the PM. like mandatory-jail time etc.

So, why are the liberals ndp and bloc so upset about? Is it because they 'DO' want mandatory, jail time etc to remain in the form. Or are they bitching for something that they support but to the public sounds terrible so the opposition pretend they hate it as well by escalating the issue which they personally support.