Thursday, August 12, 2010

Murder-One Suspect Evades Police By Wearing Burka

Burka to the Rescue! Murder suspect avoiding arrest by Toronto Police by hiding under Niqab

Ok, let's ban the Burka, ok?

It's clearly a threat to public safety.

It's got nothing to do with Islam.

It's a tool of the oppression and subjugation of women by male supremacists.

Time to have a burka-burning party!


Jen said...

If a thief or convicted criminal want to change the image from stocking cover face to a more up to date style that is fashionable these days like the Burka-why not.
Thay way the criminal cannot be search because it is call RACIAL PROFILING-haters of this or that

Canadian Sentinel said...

Yesterday I saw a dude wearing a red bandana over his nose & mouth while riding his bike. Hmm. Purse snatcher on wheels? Or just a nut? Guess he figured it'd be too hard to handle the bike in a burka so he went Wild Old West bad-guy style...

Blog Wrath said...

Your merciless satire is very refreshing to everyone who still hasn't lost hope in the future of Canada. Keep up the good work.

You and your readers may be interested in the yesterday's anti-Islamist conference in Toronto: