Saturday, August 28, 2010

LIVE! Watch the Restoring Honor Rally

Restoring Honor Rally: Watch it live!

Click on their "LIVE UPSTREAM" tab.

Better yet:  Go HERE.


glacierman said...

Felt a bit like a Sunday mornin' meetin'!

Only caught the end, with Glenn speaking, but he had some great lines and great inspiration.

But like he said at the end of the rally, what happens once the people leave this place shows how far into the heart that the words got. Will be see any long term effects?

With everything within me, we need a miracle!

Canadian Sentinel said...

I understand there was half a million folks in attendance... A decent turnout...

Oh, yes, there will be long-term effects... I do get this feeling, due to the stuff I've been seeing the last few years.

The Giant is now awake.

Watcher said...

It did my heart good to see the pictures.

If anything is going to pull the U.S. out of this tailspin, it's the will, confidence and innovation of its people. In November, Obama is going to have his butt handed to him and that's where it starts. Get the message out that there has to be a relentless government cost-cutting mission. Get off the backs of business, repeal ALL the Obama agenda, quit the apologies and whining, get to work and restore some confidence. From the late and great Ronald Reagan.. "it's morning in America."