Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Rabid Journos Attack Stockwell Day Again

Journalists rabidly bash Stockwell again

Again we see the Old Media practicing a double standard. 

They don't badger Liberals like this. 

They don't badger Democrats like this. 

And they especially badger Minister Day far worse than they badger anyone else. 

Perhaps it's motivated by anti-Christian feelings and bias? 

I'd like to see them go after a Liberal or Democratic Muslim that hard, and I'd like to see the commentors at the link's comments thread making fun of THEIR religious beliefs too, for political effect. Not gonna happen, because of the Left-Wing DOUBLE STANDARD at play.

Why don't the Old Media folks both south and north of the border question and criticize Obama this eagerly and aggressively?  Even Canadian media folks were extremely harsh on Bush, but not Obama. I mean, Obama's got it coming big-time, yet they hold back! WTF?!

INCONVENIENT TRUTH:    2009 violent crime rate 312% higher than in 1962 (just prior to the beginning of radically, revolutionarily extreme Liberal neo-communist social reengineering!).  (h/t: Bluetech, via the comments)


Anonymous said...

David Akin and other PPg's scratch their heads while Goldstein does the research.


Amazing how the negative anti-Day rude comments have piled up 4,000+ thumbs up on that G&M article...that was only posted today?!

Taber cannot bring herself to say PMSH is on vacation. She is wearing out the phrase 'in hiding'.

Lefty media is on a rampage. Can't wait for more from Sun media.


Canadian Sentinel said...

Funny how when Obama is on vacation, the lefty journos say he's "on vacation", but when Harper takes a rare vacation (rarer than Obama's), he's said by same babblers to be "in hiding".

They're not reporters; they're spin doctors!

MikeAdamson said...

Minister Day could have helped his case by explaining how building more prisons to house unreported criminals makes any sense whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Well Mike, since PPG was twisting the story, perhaps they could have done some research, and then stick with the program.

BTW Ivison clears it up for you.


lol...CS Your word verification is 'devil'.
Hope Akin gets dumped by Sun Media. His bias is showing.


MikeAdamson said...

Thanks for the link Anon but the connection between building prisons and unreported crime still eludes my grasp I'm afraid.