Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stephen Harper Is Leader Of Free World: Pamela Geller

 Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada 
Leader of the Free World

Canadian PM Steven Harper, Leader of the Free World, Vetoes Bosnian Lie Resolution - Atlas Shrugs

It seems that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper steps up to the plate, yet again, filling the vacuum abdicated by the once proud leader of the free world, America. This is not the first time Harper has done something this bold and courageous. But considering the worldwide appeasement and capitulation to the ummah, this is huge. Truth.

 Pamela Geller

Thank you, Pamela.

Canadians immensely appreciate your hard, tireless work as well.

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Dallas said...

Harper, generally I am proud of your policies, especially your policies regarding Israel. However you need to plug close the floodgates of easy immigration into our country. Canada is known worldwide as the easiest "mark" to emigrate to, or we will go the way of France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.