Wednesday, August 25, 2010

REAL Cops: Get Rid of Gun Registry!

Candice Hoeppner, Conservative MP, tells us like it is

The fat-cat politician-"police"-chiefs in the fancy, donut-n-coffee-serviced offices are just running the propaganda campaign for their Hard-Left masters the Hard-Left mayors and premiers who give them the orders to give to the REAL cops on the actual streets dealing with the actual scumbaggers out there.

The REAL cops have spoken out.

Who are we going to believe, politicians in uniform with guns, or REAL beat cops who KNOW how things really are?
Edmonton police officer Randy Kuntz’s national survey of Canadian police officers revealed that 92 percent of police officers in Canada want Members of Parliament to vote in favour of scrapping the long-gun registry. 2,631 officers responded to the survey in a police magazine asking officers whether they supported the registry as a useful working tool. 2,410 officers responded that the registry is a useless crime fighting tool that did not assist them in the performance of their duties.

"Canadian Police Association President Charles Momy appeared at committee this spring and referred to a survey demonstrating police support for the long-gun registry – a survey that he admitted involved just 400 officers," Hoeppner commented. "This new survey involved over 2600 officers and strongly contradicts Mr. Momy’s position. It seems obvious that a survey sample of 2600 is far more reliable than a survey of 400."

Hoeppner commented that both the CACP’s and CPA’s defense of the long-gun registry is based on the notion that police officers use it and want it, while Kuntz’s survey shows that simply isn’t true.

"Front-line officers – the constables and sergeants in the field - are throwing their support behind Bill C-391, while individuals like Mr. Momy and Chief Blair continue to defend a useless and unreliable gun database," Hoeppner continued. "It begs the question: ‘Exactly who are they speaking for?’"
Yup.  Who are the politicians-masquerading-as-law-enforcers REALLY speaking for?

Clearly not the REAL cops.  So, then, whom?


Jen said...

Why do you think that the hard left do not want a SUN/FOX MEDIA in Canada? they are afraid.
You should take a look at what 'CHASING APPLE PIE' blog:

Left wing Toronto Star journalist, Linda McQuaig tries to connect PM Harper luncheoning in New York with Rupert Murdoch whose company owns Foxnews and Roger Ailes, president of that news channel with the new SunTV News channel due to come on air in 2011 and a plot to poison the Canadian public with right wing extremism. Oh the horror!

read on

Boy oh boy! this woman really is scared.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Linda McQuaig, Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire.

She's a nutcase. time to be fitted with a straitjacket. Her paranoia isn't subsiding.