Friday, August 27, 2010

Canadian Death Panel Condemns Christian Pastor To Death

BREAKING NEWS:  World Net Daily, Canadian Sentinel get results!

Hospital relents, provides life-giving food, water to wrongly-condemned-to-death Christian Pastor

But the pressure must remain on, because the Death Panel could again make an evil, and wrong, decision...

Story here.

They KNOW he has a chance.  They SEE him coming back.

But the DEATH PANEL (this is in CANADA under socialized medicine) has refused him the chance to live.  They won't give him enough time to come back.


They don't care.  They WANT him dead.  He's an easy victim, and they selected him...  Sort of like so:

Who's next, Stephen Hawking?  Oh, wait... they can't just take away his means of communication.  Hmm.  Did they explore means of communication for the Pastor before deeming him unable to communicate, unable to ask for help, therefore unworthy of a chance?  They just want to get rid of him.
The Sri Lankan Mayandy, who arrived in Canada 10 years ago to pastor a small church, complained of chest pain and was hospitalized after collapsing with a heart attack May 29.

He was revived successfully, although the apparent brain damage from the attack left him in a coma for a time. He was placed in intensive care where he regained consciousness. An eyewitness has reported he has regained movement in his arms and legs and that he recognizes the family he is living with.

According to Bernard Stephenson, another local pastor and friend who visits Mayandy daily, the injured man can speak some words.

But staff with Brampton Civic Hospital, which is part of the William Osler Health Center, disagree. According to Stephenson, doctors asserted all along that there was no hope of recovery. 
Asserted all along... no hope.  This is "judgement"-a-priori.  They apparently planned to terminate all along, and were hoping to have some excuse.

But their excuse is INVALID.  Just because some doctors say something is so, doesn't mean that they're right, doesn't meant that they're not just like... Josef Mengele...

All along.  Since the beginning.  Regardless of the man's evident progress.

They won't even give him a chance.

They're killing him.  Because they don't want him to live.  Period.

This is what happens when it's all up to the state.  If they don't want people to live, then they'll find any excuse, either valid or invalid, not to.

Josef Mengele was a "doctor", too.
They called him the "Angel of Death".
But, like the doctors in this case, he was no angel at all. 

America is next.

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