Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Missourians Overwhelmingly Reject Obamacare

Of course, Obama won't care. He'll just call them "racist" for daring to oppose his policies. Besides, "progressives" don't really believe in democracy. Even if 99% of the people opposed Obamacare, the "progressives" still wouldn't care, because "progressives" are fascists.

The "Democrats" will reject the vote, will blame FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, etc., and will claim that the People have been brainwashed, and will demand a "fairness doctrine" be imposed to "prevent this from happening again".  *Sigh*....   They'll make up any excuse to ignore the democratic will of Americans.  Perhaps they'll have another referendum, once they've legalized the illegals and given them the "right" to vote, along with the felons, and have taken away the right of all military personnel to vote.;

Just watch 'em.  They won't let something as inconvenient as democracy stand in the way of their agenda.  Remember Proposition 8?  They didn't accept the will of the People then.  Why would they now?  They'll just get some hard-left crooked judge rule the referendum illegal or unconstitutional, or rule that The People don't "have standing" to decide...

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