Saturday, July 04, 2009

Iggy Stands Up For Separatists, Pedophiles

I'm not making this up.

He says the ads, which blast the Bloc for voting against a law that would impose minimum sentences in child trafficking cases, further divide the country.

Ah... playing the national unity card in a totally false, unbelievable way, to stand up for pedophiles and separatists by bashing the Conservatives for daring to say that the Bloc opposed mandatory minimum sentences for adults who rape children.

Is Ignatieff insane or something?

What's wrong with Michael Ignatieff???

Besides, guess who united the country, whereas the Liberals (Iggy's own party) were dividing it and throwing gasoline onto the raging wildfires of separatism in both Quebec and the West?

The Conservatives came to power and promptly united the country, and separatism pretty much went to sleep.

So for Iggy to claim that the Conservatives are "dividing the country" isn't just preposterous and absurd... it's also hypocritical.

I note also that Ignatieff doesn't seem to be very much against pedophilia and adult-child sex and rape, unless the article failed to mention if he said anything against it, if at all.

An odd way to try and get votes in, of all places, Alberta.

ht: NNW