Saturday, July 04, 2009

Proof Right-Wingers Are Gracious Whereas Leftists Aren't

Imagine that. Ueber-leftist Jack Layton, wearing an NDP scarf, being warmly welcomed into a largely right-wing, Conservative-voting-only traditional western club in Calgary.

Now try to imagine the same kind of warm, open-minded, politics-and-ideology-be-damned reception a Stockwell Day would receive in a gay bar in Toronto, or the reception Sarah Palin would receive from a Code Pink clubhouse in Chicago. Impossible, isn't it?

Anyone recall any time that a conservative politician (a REAL conservative politician) received a warm welcome from all on political-enemy territory? Me either.

What, now, does this tell us about the "right" and the "left"? Who's more grownup? Who's more gracious? More tolerant and equitable? More humane towards one's fellow man?

ht: NNW