Saturday, July 04, 2009

Smiling Socialist-Fascist Comrades: A Picture
Manuel Zelaya, now-ousted hard-leftwing dictator-wannabe, looks on smilingly as Barack Hussein Obama and Hugo Chavez make nice with one another.

No wonder Obama joined with Chavez and Fidel Castro in denouncing the proper, democratic, legal, constitutional removal of the socialist Zelaya, who was ignoring everyone, ignoring the law, ignoring the constitution, ignoring even the Supreme Court who declared his behavior illegal and unconstitutional, ignored the fact that he was impeached...

Chavez made it so that he could be socialist dictator for life, like Castro.

Zelaya was forging ahead with the same plot, despite the fact that he had been impeached and ordered removed from power.

Does Obama intend to screw with the U.S. Constitution for a similar purpose?

He already has. He's President despite not adhering to the Constitution's requirement that he be natural-born to be President.

And he obviously controls the mass media, preventing them from exposing this fact.

That's why I say he needs to either prove he's natural-born... or resign or be impeached.