Wednesday, July 08, 2009

U.S. "Right" Wants Iggy 4 Cdn PM???

Republicans for Ignatieff. (They even have a petition you can sign to "support coercive interrogation", just like Iggy!)

No kidding.

Isn't it weird that a Liberal leader... a Liberal leader, ferfecksake(!) is seen by Republican Americans as the most America-positive Canadian politician ever?

Wonder what the rest of the Liberal Party... and "progressive" Canadians (who supposedly hate America [like Liberal Carolyn Parrish, remember the eff'n hard-leftwing beech?], and who would supposedly punish any party with a lapdog-of-the-US-President leader, thus moving their votes to the leftist NDP and Bloc) think about that?

Something is weird here, isn't it?

Part of the Obama effect? Has Obama driven the Canadian Left insane? Oh, wait... that's redundant.

And why on earth would Republicans want Iggy for Cdn PM? They must not know what a scatterbrained, flipflopping dork Iggy really is.

Hey, maybe Iggy can be the next Republican President of the U.S. after Obama. After all, as Obama has proven conclusively, it's possible to be President without being born in America (or without proving that one was born in America, in Obama's case), as the Old Media (with asshole W.H. Press Secretary Gibbs leading them along in their phony laughter) will laugh at anyone daring to ask to see one's real, long-form birth certificate, which is the only document that can possibly prove one's American birth... or one's foreign birth.

Hey, Iggy did say he's an "American". Shouldn't this be good enough? Why bother to demand he prove it with proper documentation beyond a useless e-copy of something (like the stupid, worthless thing produced by the Obamites to shut people up) that can't prove anything at all?

It's good enough for U.S. Republicans, who know how "American" Iggy is, and who, incredibly, at least the assholes in Washington who have turned into total pussies under Obama's spell, don't demand to see proof of Obama's alleged on-American-soil birth.

Also, I ask how come Obama gets to have wars going on, with American soldiers dying along with Muslims being blown away, but the "progressive" movement doesn't protest, and the Canadian leftists and Old Media aren't bashing him like they bashed Bush for the same?

It's bizarre, this double standard. Bad for Bush to have wars going on, but OK for Obama to do the same? WTF?! Where's the brainless moonbat freaks in the streets equating Obama to Hitler and Obamerica to Nazi Germany? Why'd they do it for Bush but they won't do it to Obama? What's up with this? Oh, of course... the "community organizers" aren't rounding up brainless-freak youth to carry demonization signs and burning effigies and scream hateful epithets about the "terrorist/Nazi President" as the Old Media dutifully, respectfully covers the "peaceful demonstrators just exercising their rights"...

Just a rant, eh!

ht: Bourque

Check this out, from some leftist "progressive" at Rabble:

I don't know what's least surprising to me: that American Republicans are in bed with Ignatieff or that Layton is asleep at the switch?

Illegal Pre-Emptive Wars? Check.

Coercive Interrogation? Check.

U.S.A. lover? Check.

Pillaging the environment for oil? Check.

Bush = Ignatieff = Harper. There is no difference between them. Layton should be pushing this.

This ought to be a wakeup call to the more leftist Liberal voters, who ought to vote for the NDP of Layton instead of the "Far-Right", war-and-torture-positive Ignatieff of the Liberals.

Funny how the leftist, by the way, doesn't write: "Bush=Ignatieff=Obama=Harper=Borat=Mickey Mouse..." why not? It's all B.S., saying Harper and Iggy equal Bush, but Obama doesn't equal Bush. How does Obama not equal Bush? Obama's waging "Bush's" wars, after all... and he's destroying the US economy, as Bush had been accused of doing (yeah, suuuure, Bush did that, and wasn't a victim of the Democrat Party's fascist, communistic private-sector financial policies and the likes of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac et al.).


Ah... just ranting... Oh, and here's a picture of old Iggy having a gay old time in Toronto... I'm sure the Republicans will think that's totally awesome, the guy lending his support to a far-left-wing political demonstration... and asking some questions about Iggy's, ah, "orientation" stuff... And note the Mr. Rogers shoes he's wearing... yep, this guy's a Prime Minister for Republicans, alright... yeah, suuuuure. "Log Cabin" Republicans, maybe...