Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Chinese Protests Contiune, Ruin Hu's G8 Visit

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Urumqi, capital of the far-flung northwestern region of Xinjiang, imposed an overnight curfew after thousands of Han stormed through its streets demanding redress and sometimes extracting bloody vengeance on Uighurs for Sunday's violence.

There were scuffles in the volatile crowd on Wednesday as police and security forces seized apparent ringleaders, prompting cries of "release them, release them".

President Hu Jintao abandoned plans to attend a G8 summit in Italy, returning home to monitor developments in energy-rich Xinjiang, where 1,080 people have been wounded and 1,434 arrested since Sunday.

Financial markets again appeared unaffected and life was returning to the streets of Uighur neighborhoods. But residents said night-time arrests were continuing and they were quietly preparing to defend against further Han attacks.

The Communists are losing control of China.

The People aren't happy with their rule.

Wonder of the International Left will condemn the apparent "Islamophobia" on the part of Han Chinese against the Muslims? Just read about the "hatred and contempt" being spewed by them about Muslims...

Nah. Ok for Communists to be Islamophobic. 'Cause Communists aren't going to bend over backwards; Communists just kill those whom the deem inconvenient.

Interesting how the Communists also have lost control of information. Information is getting out very easily, uncensored. Interesting.

There's protests all the time now in Communist-ruled China... It's veering out of control.

Can the Communist Party's collapse come sooner rather than later? Yes, it can!