Saturday, March 28, 2009

Whazzup With Those Crazy Cat Ladies?


Three-foot piles of kitty crap all over the place? Wall-to-wall carpeting of two feet of kitty crap?

Didn't she ever hear of a litter box?!

Talk about insane.

Clearly, there needs to be more mental hospitals for folks like that... surely the state apparatus, with all its resources, can help them? Why did the Hard Left mean-spiritedly shut down the nuthouses, depriving needy folks of the mental help they need?

Oh, well, I guess the Hard Left decided to use "community organizers" (Barack Hussein Obama was one before stealing the Presidency) to round up all the crazies and send them to participate in phony, well-organized-by-Big-Lie-activists-of-the-Hard-Left, "demonstrations" and "protests" against non-Leftist opponents to scream crazy nonsense...

Shame on the Hard Left for exploiting the mentally ill for partisan, ideological gain!

Help them, don't exploit them!