Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Left/MSM Love Galloway, Ignore Wilders, Netanyahu


So the Left and the Big Media are all excited about the hateful, violence-and-murder-inciting George Galloway.

Galloway with Saddam

They say it's all about free speech.


Galloway next Hitler

Why the hell do we want that hateful fruitcake to come into Canada? Oh, wait... I mean, why do the "Progressive" Liberal Left and the Big Politically Correct Israel-Hating Anti Semitic Corporate Media want this hateful fruitcake to come to Canada to incite to hatred, contempt and violence against identifiable groups and nations?

Queer Galloway
Do they think it's a good thing that he approves of the idea of an Islamic Jihadist assassinating the British Prime Minister (Tony Blair at the time)?

Galloway with Hamas Monster

"I have not now, nor have I ever been a supporter of Hamas"... Galloway said. Oh, really? Well, he looks pretty supportive of Ismayl Haniyeh, the Hamas Leader, in the photo above...

Why do the Left and the Big Media love such lunatically hateful, dangerous fruitcakes and why do they want them to have such a big platform for their hatred and incitement?

Why give him such coverage and adulation, as if he was, say, Barack Hussein Obama?

So how come they don't care about Geert Wilders and free speech?

How come they didn't care about Binyamin Netanyahu and free speech?

Why does the Left and the Big Media love to hear hateful, inciteful socialists/dhimmis/Islamofascists speak, but not innocent Kaffirs, whose free speech right they don't care about?