Tuesday, March 31, 2009

John Robson: Uncerebrally Unrealistic Saboteur, Liberals' Best Friend

Disgruntled "conservative" Liberal-enabler John Robson

So John Robson wants to help the Liberals retake power and finish their Canada-destroying jihad.

He's clearly not using his head, nor are the very, very few grumpily impatient, unrealistic, gotta-have-it-all-now-no-matter-what-the-consequences, folks who have joined him.

He's effectively on a mission to foment unjustifiable mutiny against Prime Minister Harper and within the Conservative government and aid and abet the Hard-Left/Islamofascism-infested Liberal Party of Canada, which, when it was last in power, I warned would cause one or two (or even more) provinces to hold and win separation referenda and ultimately leave Confederation, effectively ending Canada as we know her and pushing us all into the Great Unknown in a time of a rapidly, steadily increasing global threat environment.

Folks like Mr. Robson, whom I honestly, believe it or not, never considered a "conservative" when I read his stuff in the paper or saw him on the boob tube, because of the way he was always grumpily bellyaching and bitching about how things were going in Reform, the Canadian Alliance and now the Conservative government. My gut instinct always told me he's no friend of a viable, ready-to-govern conservative force in Canada. Now he confirms this gut instinct with his drive to divide the Conservatives all over again, just a few years following their historic reunion and return to power.

So he wants the Conservative government to move as fast as it can and implement all the social-conservatism policies he wants in place? Dammit, doesn't he realize the folly of such a frantic, wild-eyed, Obamanian pace? Way to go to secure all over again the unjustifiable label of "extremist" and "radical" which the Big Media would again chuck at us all as monkeys chuck crap when they're mad. When you throw the MSM dogs a bone, they transform from manageable, cute little mini-weeniedoggies to fearsomely lethal rabid bull mastiffs. And we know the electoral effects of throwing them a whole lot of bones real fast! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Big brainfart, Mr. Robson's having, and he's already broken all world records for longest brainfart!

See, we only have a minority in Parliament, a vulnerable minority, and could be defeated at any time. If not, there's the unelected, unaccountable Liberal-dominated Senate which has proven to be refusenik with respect to much of what Parliament passes and passes on to them for the traditional, expected rubber-stamping (hey, that's what they did when the Liberals governed- just simply rubber stamp everything and anything like obedient dhimmis).

I could go on and on about how wrong-headed Mr. Robson is being, but time is short at the moment. If need be, I'll have more to say later, if I'm so inclined, which isn't a foregone conclusion, as I view this little, tiny group of grumpies to be irrelevant and insignificant and bound to get nowhere, as few true conservatives have any appetite for returning to the days of hopeless wandering in the wilderness surrounded by scary, malevolent Librano monsters wreaking havoc and devouring everything in their path, especially our money and hope...

I dismiss thy silly, uncerebral, unrealistic, destructive attitude, Mr. Robson. What you need is to give your head a shake and tear yourself away from the delusional grip of the matrix of unrealism.

ht: National Newswatch