Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scandal Hits: Liberals Caught In Proposed Donation Scheme

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ht: National Newswatch

The man who is scheduled to be acclaimed from the top down, not elected by members, as Liberal Party President has been caught having sent out an email suggesting the Party exploit a loophole on fundraising.

(Leader Ignatieff won't be elected, either, and will have his top-down coronation confirmed from the top-down at the same upcoming "convention" at which there will be no democracy to select any leadership, nor any democracy to determine any policies for the Liberal Party of Canada)

An e-mail from Toronto lawyer Alf Apps said donations to the party of up to $1,100, the legal limit, could be supplemented with $1,100 in contributions to Ignatieff's leadership fund. That would put Ignatieff's campaign in a surplus, meaning the campaign would have to funnel the money to the party.


"Each donor/purchaser can donate up to $2,200, paying up to $1,100 by cheque or credit card to the Liberal Party of Canada and $1,100 to the "Liberal Party of Canada (Michael Ignatieff)," Apps is quoted as saying in a copy of the e-mail posted on the Internet.

"The Ignatieff Campaign account is in surplus and any surplus automatically reverts to LPC under the Elections Act."


Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre said it looks as if the party was trying to exploit a loophole in the Elections Act to allow wealthier donors a chance to give more.

"The purpose of the law is to prevent donations over $1,100 to any political party, not to allow powerful insiders to flow an extra donation through a leadership campaign into the party," he said. "That's what they're doing."


Same old, same old.

The Liberal Party of Canada can change its leaders, but it cannot change its spots.

The corruption and lack of ethics and absence of fair play will remain until ripped out by the roots. But that's easier said than done, unfortunately, due to the ingrained institutional culture of corruption, cheating and unmitigated greed and powerlust that continues to cripple the Liberal Party of Canada.