Monday, March 23, 2009

S.Africa Kisses SinoCommie Ass, Bans Dalai Lama

This is outrageous. The Dalai Lama is a good man, a man of peace and tolerance.

Why would South Africa, of all nations, ban a peaceful, tolerant man respected and loved by billions across the world?

Hasn't South Africa learned from its own experience with intolerance? Apparently not, as now I see the S.A. regime to be no better than its predecessor, who was rightly shunned by the world for its intolerant, racist Apartheid policies.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is not pleased with the apparently evil regime of South Africa. See, skin color doesn't have anything to do with whether one is good or evil, tolerant or intolerant. (Hint, hint, self-aggrandized "anti-hate" activist and self-loathing "whitey" Warren Kinsella!)

“If His Holiness’s visa is refused, then I won’t take part in the upcoming 2010 World Cup-related peace conference. I will condemn the Government’s behaviour as disgraceful, in line with our abysmal record at the UN Security Council, a total betrayal of our struggle history,” he said from California, where he is on a visit. “We are shamelessly succumbing to Chinese pressure. I feel deeply distressed and ashamed.” South Africa vetoed proposals for tougher sanctions against Zimbabwe and Burma when it occupied a non-permanent seat on the Security Council last year.

Nelson Mandela? No reaction so far. It'll be interesting to see what he'll have to say about this. I hope, for his sake, that he condems the S.A. regime's position and demands they reverse it immediately. If he fails to do this, then he's an asshole in my eyes.

See, the S.A. regime has bent over and dropped trou for the evil Communist regime in China:

A senior presidential aide told The Times that the Dalai Lama’s presence in the country “would not be welcome as it would divert attention away from the World Cup” towards the Tibet issue. “We have nothing against him but we have a key strategic relationship with China and we would really not want to do anything to jeopardise that,” he said.

Why the hell does everybody seem to kiss the SinoCommie's asses? The SinoCommies deserve to be treated like the Apartheid regime was treated.

The world must stand in solidarity with Tibet and Taiwan, and make it clear to China's evil, imperialist-empire regime that it won't be tolerated unless it leaves those sovereign nations alone!

It makes me sick and furious to see the world letting China's Commies get away with their arrogant bullying, with their arrogantly saying, "This mine! That mine! Everything mine! I take! Don't resist, or else!"

The world's political position is wrong! It's as if the world was kissing Hitler's ass all over again!

For me, that's it- I'm going to boycott South African products until the evil regime in power there is removed and replaced with a good, tolerant one who doesn't kiss filthy Communist ass.

Oh, and how about that detestable, hateful George Galloway dude, who has been rightly banned from entering Canada to spread his hatred and contempt against minorities whilst praising evildoers? What does he think of this? Funny how the Big Media isn't mentioning, so far as I've seen, that Galloway incited to the assassination of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair by Islamofascist Jihadis? And all the other hateful stuff he's spewed? Hell, I bet he'd have praised Hitler right in the middle of WWII! Keep this piece of shee-it out of Canada! We have laws against incitement to hate, to commit violence... can't have him doing this! Flush him down! Along with the evil, intolerant, Commie-loving regime of South Africa, whom we should be boycotting like we boycotted them before!

The world's kowtowing to the evil SinoCommie regime, in return for profits, is immoral, unethical, evil, hateful and can only lead to serious international problems, up to and including war, started by the militarily powerful Communist regime, who would rather go down fighting than be taken down by the Chinese People, which is going to happen soon enough. We need to boycott China under the Communists!