Saturday, March 21, 2009

Al Qaeda Recruiting Entity ID'd In Minneapolis

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The U.S. intelligence community has determined that Al Qaida was recruiting members of the Somali expatriate community around the northern city of Minneapolis. National Counterterrorism Center deputy director Andrew Liepman reported that young Somali Muslims were being organized and trained in East Africa for what could eventually result in attacks on the United States.

"We cannot rule out that potential given the indoctrination and training they might have received in East Africa," Liepman said.

Liepman told a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on March 11 that "tens" of Somali expatriates from Minneapolis were leaving the United States to train for attacks in the East Africa country. He said the recruitment and training was being conducted by the Al Shabab movement, linked to the Al Qaida leadership.

Already one American-Somali has been found to have been commiting terrorism.

In December 2008, a Somali expatriate from Minneapolis, Shirwa Ahmed, became the first American suicide bomber. The expatriate, who acquired U.S. citizenship, participated in a series of coordinated bombings on the United Nations the Ethiopian consulate and the presidential palace in Somalia.

Apparently, the AQ agents who recruit are using deception and lies ("Taqiyya", ie. lying for the purpose of advancing the interests of Islam) too fool guillible Somali-Americans into thinking that they'd be going to do something in some kind of "Islamic utopia", only to be forced into serving on front lines in actual jihads...

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