Sunday, March 29, 2009

Warren Kinsella In The Crosshairs Of Mockery


That's a picture of Warren Kinsella being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What on earth was he doing there? Undercover looking for Nazis?

Dumbass doesn't know the difference between Nazis and bears!

And what a crappy disguise he's wearing- you can still recognize him!

Here's Warren Kinsella, below, without the disguise...

That's how Warren usually looks while on the job as Liberal Leader Mikhail Ignatiov's (Michael Ignatieff is another spelling) Official Liberal Party of Canada Dirty-Attack Clown.

Below is Warren on a day off in Ottawa, out for a stroll with his boyfriend, the infamous Liberal Fascist Richard Warman.

And, finally, Warren's goofy boss, Liberal Leader-Unelect-and-to-stay-that-way, the snooty, aristocratic, too-toplofty-to-need-to-be-elected Czar Mikhail Ignatiov (Michael Ignatieff while in Canada pretending to be Canadian).

Goofy Iggy

...just shooting the shee-it. Hope y'all enjoyed the show!