Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ignatieff Falls On Face Again Trying To Attack Tories

Liberal Party leader Michael "Iggy" Ignatieff, who's infamous for getting excited about stowing puffin excrement, realizing he's made yet another stupid boo-boo as leader...

Story here.

ht: National Newswatch

Blahblahblah, yaddayaddayadda goes Liberal Leader Michael "Iggy" Ignatieff, The Man Who Still Knowingly Employs Warren "Prince of Darkness/Poop From Heck" Kinsella as an attack clown...

"I don't think we have a national strategy on how energy development should go in our country," he told reporters.

"It seems to me the kind of nation-building project the federal government should do and the Conservatives have walked away from that entirely, they're just not playing."

Wonder who told him to say that? Warren the Moron? He clearly knows not whereof he speaks. Some pseudointellectual. Being fullashit isn't intellect, Mikey Iggy.

You see, Iggy...

Conservative MP Steven Fletcher, who represents the Winnipeg riding which Ignatieff visited, said the Liberal leader is a few years late in his criticism. Ontario and Manitoba are free to use some of the $500 million they are eligible for under the Ecotrust program, which was unveiled in 2007 as a method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

"We've already stepped up and it's up to the provinces now to close the deal," Fletcher said.

Now, Iggy, be a good little boy and let the government of serious grownups do their jobs. Go back to marching devil-may-care, what-me-worry gaily in your rainbow-colored feather boa along with your nudist Liberal bum buddy Bob Rae in the silly-ass sissy parades in your good buddy David Miller's Socialist Utopia of Toronto.

Leave the job to those who know what's what and what they're doing.

And get a clue as to what's happening in Canada, for you seem like you haven't even started to pay attention, despite having moved back a while ago from your most-of-the-time home in America and overseas...