Monday, March 30, 2009

McCain Blasts Obama's 'Generational Theft'


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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is hell-bent on aiding and abetting an unconscionable “generational theft," U.S. Sen. John McCain warned in an address to the Heritage Foundation this week, making it clear that he thought the country would be much better off if he had been elected president.

Well, unfortunately, it was the dude below who got elected...


If Congressional Budget Office-projected deficits prove close to accurate, McCain said, Americans will owe a debt by 2019 that is over 82 percent of the gross domestic product -- the highest level since 1948 and double the debt’s current share of the GDP.


“The nation would be bankrupt and our children and grandchildren would inherit for the first time in our history a land of limited opportunities. We will be committing a generational theft,” said McCain, R-Ariz.


Yer in...


“Why did the stimulus bill contain hundreds of billions of dollars in spending that will not take place for three years? Why does the President’s budget envision borrowing trillions of dollars for new initiatives and education, healthcare, energy, the environment, transportation and technology -- without any, not a single spending offset or discipline?”

Why? Because Obama and the Demmies are spending like drunken Communists with nary a care about the consequences, including bankrupting America. But what do these Leftist Liberals care, as long as they have fun doing so?

...the money, Barry!