Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chinese Communists Torture Tibetans: Video

Why isn't the mainstream media telling the People about this?

Of course they're aware. They watch for stuff like this, don't they? Or are they unaware? If they're unaware, then what good are they?

Where's the international outrage? Whither the "Progressive" Liberal Left? The "Human Rights" crowd? The folks opposed to torture?

I see evilness running amok all over the world, and the international community doing nothing, for fear of offending the delicate sensibilities of the besuited, pampered SinoCommunists with whom they do profitable business...

They're looking the other way on torture, on the violation of human rights, on racism, on intolerance, on hate...

Because looking the other way is profitable.

That makes them accessories in evil.

And the mainstream media and the "Progressive" movement is evil to ignore this.

Now is the time for all good human beings to come and help destroy the Chinese Communist Party.