Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hateful Kinsella Continues His Bigoted Attacks On Minority Group

Warren Kinsella is very proud of being a hateful bigot.

He happily directs us to some politically correct, Ultra-Extreme Left-Wing hate propaganda against a vulnerable minority group.

This guy disgusts me. Whenever I visit his blog (usually by accident, much like when one steps in catshit), I make sure I have a bucket handy, especially after a large meal.

Mr. Kinsella would never attack, for example, Muslims or homosexuals like he attacks Christians, either directly (in the case of Stockwell Day, with making fun of his religious beliefs on TV for the purpose of unfair political advantage, helping the Liberals win via the politics of demonization and hatemongering) or indirectly, by linking to something of which he approves, which is using Barney the Dinosaur (a copyrighted figure, mind y'all... did he get permission to use that image on TV?) to spread hatred and contempt against Christians.

The odd thing about this is actually Mr. Kinsella's claim to be a Christian himself. I suspect that he's faking it, pretty much like his hero, B. Hussein Obama, himself hardly one to be considered a real "Christian" at all.

Next thing you know, Mr. Kinsella will claim to be deaf, so as to make it seem ok to attack me, as I haven't heard a thing in years, like, didya know, Rush Limbaugh, the man the "Progressive" Liberal Left loves to hate for his inconvenient truth-telling and awesome popularity on the radio (lucky for Rush, he fixed the problem with an implant, something that works for some but not others), not that it's a big deal. But I wouldn't put it beyond Kinsella to make fun of my inability to hear, if it served his political-victory-at-all-costs agenda for the Liberals under Ignatieff. Besides, I'm a Conservative, so that, in Kinsella's mind, doubles the perceived OK-ness of attacking me. So if he wants to threaten or harrass me in any way, shape or form (again), likely with another of his growing shitpile of nuisance "shut the feck up" SLAPP lawsuits against even people he's defamed, let him try to discover who I am and send me one of those silly lawyer's letters... which I'll calmly place beside my toilet for use next time I say hello to another perfect likeness of Mr. Kinsella, clean him off my keister with the worthless document and flush him away. Either that or I'll decide to play the game and get in line behind all the people he's already suing or pretending to sue. Damn, I lost count. By now they probably number in the dozens, who knows, as this guy Warrin' Kim Sheila seems to be an obsessive-compulsive when it comes to suing people who dare to criticize his actions and words...

Back, now, to the issue...

Kinsella is continuing his nasty-ass tactics...

...while working as a chief strategist and War Room operative of Liberal Party of Canada Leader Michael "Iggy" Ignatieff. Clearly, Mr. Ignatieff approves of the hateful actions of his hateful, bigoted minion. Why? Because he keeps on using Mr. Kinsella to attack his political opponents howsoever Mr. Kinsella chooses to do so, including exposing vulnerable minorities to hatred, contempt and potential violence.

It's the politics of demonization, which Mr. Kinsella proudly practices all the time.


Above: The hateful Warren Kinsella, chief strategist for Liberal Leader Michael "Iggy" Ignatieff, pictured in all his evilness, below...


Warren Kinsella claims to he an "anti-hate" activist:


But he's a...


That's right... he's even faker than his laughing, pejorative slurs about the Chinese serving cat meat in their Canadian restaurants.


He says, on his blog post:

And, as one of the many people who sent it to me put it, the Minister of Anti-Science is not having a "good year."

Oh, Lord, please keep him in cabinet until the election. Please, please, please.

Well, guess what? I say:

Oh, Lord, please keep him working for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff! Please, please, please.