Friday, March 20, 2009

Foreign Sub Invaded Canadian North

Deja vu. Evocative of the invasion of the U-Boats...


ht: National Newswatch

OTTAWA — The Canadian Forces quietly scrambled an investigative team to the High Arctic last August to probe what it considered a "reliable" report of a foreign submarine sighting near the eastern entrance of the Northwest Passage - all the while trying to keep a public-relations lid on the matter, documents show.

The sub sighting occurred kilometres away from the location of a mysterious explosion that had been reported to authorities 10 days earlier and made news across Canada.


A husband and wife team of hunters who witnessed the July 31 explosion said their "whole cabin shook" from the blast and thick black smoke - "the type ... seen at a garbage dump" - rose from the water.


Last summer, Russia announced plans to increase the "operational radius" of its northern sub fleet.

Bear in mind that submarines are capable of delivering nuclear destruction, as they can carry nuclear-armed cruise missiles.

We don't think, nor talk, much about the nuclear submarine threat, but it's always a clear and present danger.

Only fools think that "peace" will prevail all the time in the future. Only fools assume that our enemies are wise and rational and wouldn't be so stupid as to start a large-scale international war with the Free World. After all, fools assumed that Hitler was too wise to start a world war... and we know all too well the consequences of this foolishness, such foolishness as is now being practiced by US President B. Hussein Obama.

Any bets on whose sub it was? Friend or foe? Hard to believe a friendly sub would be screwing (pun intended) around in our northern backyard making big booms and crap...

Hey, how about a Canadian submarine building industry? Why not restart the Canadian shipbuilding industry? How about resurrecting Avro? Why the hell not, indeed! I say let's do it; YES WE CAN! As Canadians, we must have the audacity to hope and resolve to advance, progress and prosper! (Hey, I can say cool-sounding stuff too- does this mean that I have what it takes to be Prime Minister?).

If Obama's radically "changed" America is going to be less friendly towards the Free World than we're used to, what with turning their back on Israel and embracing the Islamofascist and Russian tyrants with open arms, well, we ought to be there for Israel. If Obama says "no F-22s for Israel" and if the EU refuses to sell Israel any EF-2000 Typhoons or French Dassault Rafales, then why not build our own air superiority fighter? Why the hell not, indeed!

Having a homegrown defence industry infrastructure will certainly stimulate the economy as well as enhance our national security and sovereignty as well as the Free World's security and defensive ability against the Axis of Evil.

The Axis of Evil is rapidly, pretty much as Hitler and the Imperial Japanese did, amassing its powers to destroy us.

What are WE doing? Are we going to whistle blissfully as we walk past the graveyard, pretending that the dark, hooded figure (I imagine that, under the hood, he bears a striking resemblance to a forked-tongued fellow named Putin) carrying the scythe isn't lurking about, glowering at us greedily?

Obama is destroying the American military's long-run ability to fend off invasion. And he's wrong!