Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama Admin. Abandoning Democratic Israel, Embracing Evil, Tyrannical Iran?

It certainly looks this way to me.

You be the judge.

A question: Why should Israel care what America thinks as long as there's a hostile anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic supremacism administration in power there?

Should Israel go right ahead and neutralize the Iranian promise of annihilation regardless of what the Muslim, B. Hussein Obama, says or does?

It's a grave error for B. Hussein Obama and the Democratic Party to turn their backs on Israel whilst turning towards the hateful Islamofascist nations such as Iran with open arms...

A very grave error.

Nothing good will come of the evil Obama Administration. Nothing good has, so far, nor will anything.

Nice going, non-thinking, guillible Obama voters! You have elected the American Neville Chamberlain! Do you have any idea what this means? Probably not, but you'll see, probably.

I hope Obama fecks up very badly so quickly that he gets impeached. If not sooner, if he continues to refuse to prove that he's American-born, which he has NOT, despite releasing a phony-baloney/B.S. "registration of live birth" document which proves nothing at all, except that he was born somewhere and the birth registered in Hawaii.