Monday, March 23, 2009

Wacko Jacko Disses PMH, Lets Prez O Off Hook For Same

Above: The ever-serious Jack Layton, NDP leader, with wife Olivia Chow (or is it Dora the Explorer's mom?). Get a load of his nifty Technicolor necklace and orange hat...

Story here.

ht: National Newswatch

"You don't get a sense from this government that Canadians are suffering. In fact, he's out there trying to say everything is rosy or just about to be rosy ... and I have said, `Take off the rose-coloured glasses and talk to some of the people who have been thrown out of work,'" Layton told reporters.

I wonder if Mr. Lay-it-on would say the same stuff about Barack Hussein Obama? Obama's going around saying, "Hey, it's not that bad after all", despite simultaneously pretending it's so bad that he needs to mortgage America's future by trillions and trillions of dollars no one has, the irony of which seems to be lost on the socialists, as it's precisely that, borrowing trillions of dollars that probably can't be repaid, that caused the whole economic crash in the first place. Anyway, the "stimulus", it's all pork-barreling, precisely-earmarked and everything to make special interests and cronies happy. Nothing stimulating about that, except for the special interests themselves.

Ah, Jacko's just blurting the usual same-old-same-old anti-Conservative propaganda. Yaddayaddayadda...