Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's "Scary" About That?

The Globe and Mail and Jeffrey Simpson again demonstrate their tendency to demonize Conservatives for nothing.

The headline calls the Prime Minister "very scary".

For what?

For saying,

You know, there's two schools in economics on this. One is that there are some good taxes and the other is that no taxes are good taxes. I'm in the latter category. I don't believe that any taxes are good taxes.

Huh?! That's "very scary"?

Yeah, right. If Obama or Ignatieff said that, the Globe and Mail/Jeffrey Simpson wouldn't call either of them "very scary". Because they're not "right-wing". After all, only "right-wingers" can be scary, no matter what they say and do. They can say "I love kittens and puppies" and they'd get called "very scary" for that, as Leftists would then accuse them of eating kittens and puppies for breakfast or something. Similarly they can say "no taxes are good taxes" and get called "very scary", and lo and behold, they do!

Well, what do we expect from Liberals? To them, the absence of taxes is "very scary".

They're not afraid of any of Obama's policies. They wouldn't think any of Obama's policies are scary, so long as he keeps taxes high and raises them higher. Ditto Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Leader in Canada. These guys could become the next Hitler or bin Laden, and so long as they keep taxes high and promote sexual depravity and Islamization, the Left and the Old Media won't call them "scary".

But Stephen Harper gets smeared as "very scary" for saying he doesn't like taxes.

I guess that makes everyone who pays taxes "very scary", too.

You know what's very scary? When a Liberal Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, said of Jewish immigration during the Second World War/Holocaust:

"None is too many."

But you don't see the Old Media calling PM MacKenzie King "very scary", do you?

Nope. Because he was a Liberal who liked high taxes.

So Liberals are the party of high taxes, of restricted, discriminatory immigration and intolerance. And Nazi collaboration (refusing refugees from a war-and-Holocaust-torn area only aided and abetted in the horrific Final Solution of Hitler).

Therefore the Liberals should be called "very scary".

But nooooo... they don't get thusly called, and, instead, a Conservative gets thusly called for simply saying he doesn't like any taxes, which is, in fact, one of the most mainstream things anyone could say!

And the high tax Democrats, who now ironically have a black-supremacist President today, are the high-tax party responsible for the horrific Ku Klux Klan. But the Democrats don't get called "very scary" nor even do they have their racist heritage (and present) mentioned in the Old Media, nor in school history courses that mention the KKK. Why? Because they like to confiscate as much of the Peoples' money as possible. Liberals just looooove the elite few who take so much from so many in return for so little.

Liberals ought to thank the Devil for war. Why? Because war caused taxation! Yes, indeed... before the wars of the Twentieth Century, there was little or no tax being collected. After that, boy, were there taxes. Supposedly they were only "temporary" and wouldn't continue in peacetime. But taxes are now as real and inevitable as death. Thanks to liberals. Very scary liberals.

Come to think of it, war and taxes happen because of the Devil. So why aren't Liberals publicly supporting war as well as taxes? Look, Liberals will do both, because both serve their agenda. Clinton waged wars, including on Iraq. Chretien sent troops to Afghanistan to kill Taliban. Obama's killing the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They're not really anti-war after all, even though they claim to be. And isn't that very scary? Liberals favor both war and taxes!

Speaking of very scary Liberals...

Liberal staffer again fingered by more women for sexual assaults

The new charges include two counts of sexual assault, two charges of overcoming resistance by choking and one charge of criminal harassment. The crimes are alleged to have occurred in 2005 and 2007.


Meinzer, 39, is already accused of nine offences relating to an alleged rape and extortion that occurred last summer -- including breaking and entering, assault, forcible confinement, sexual assault, choking, assault with a weapon, extortion and anal intercourse.

A feloniously violent Liberal sodomite. Now, isn't that very scary?

In an act that reverberated throughout political circles in Ottawa, police raided Meinzer's Grove Avenue home in Old Ottawa South late last August. They were seen removing a sexually themed woman's costume, several neckties and a camera in a clear garbage bag.
Neckties? What a weird freak, too, as well as being a very scary Liberal.

ht: NNW

Here's a couple of very scary Liberals:
Michael Ignatieff, seen below, glowering ever so demonically. Even Liberals should be scared of this wolf in sheep's clothing.
Next to him is his partisan attack clown, Warren Kinsella, in the ballcap with the skull on it.