Sunday, July 12, 2009

They Don't Go After Obama/Ignatieff Like This

Saul Alinsky, radical commie activist: The man whom the Left follows like a guru.

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It's disproportionate and unfair. It smacks of the Commie radical Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals".

Just look at Bob Rae, a Liberal, as he adheres to Alinsky's Rules:

"I think all Canadians have to recognize that we have the smallest man on the world stage that it's possible to imagine, and that's Stephen Harper," Rae said in an interview.

"He never misses an opportunity to stoop. Not to conquer, just to throw mud."

I think Alinsky ought to have added another Rule, that of being a hypocrite with a straight face, as Rae demonstrates. Hey, some journalist ought to ask Rae whether he'd agree that Obama deserves the very same criticism Rae's giving Harper. But this is unlikely to happen, because the journalists of the Old Media are Leftists, just like Rae and Obama.

Rae, after all, knows full well that his side is always stooping, throwing mud (and shit) and trying to conquer. So, in addition to being hypocritical, Rae is projecting his own and his peoples' faults onto Harper, the individual. To try to unfairly damage his image with voters. Sheesh!

Here's a picture of Bob Rae, the ex-NDP premier who ran up Ontario's deficit and debt in the Nineties, demonstrating what kind of "serious", "credible" guy he is. There he is, bareassed, with Leftist comedian Rick Mercer:

BobRaeandRickMercer.jpg image by therratedblogger

Who's going to listen to the naked Communist? Not me. Neither should you. These guys have no credibility, no integrity. And, sometimes, no clothes!

Leftists, eh! You're supposed to laugh at 'em, not take 'em seriously, folks!

Let's use Alinsky's Rule pertaining to ridicule against them. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine! Hell, let's use every Rule against them, as, after all, it's a civil war we've been losing for decades, as we didn't know it was a civil war, but now do. It's time to wake up and fight back! And to get better tactics than the enemy has!

ht: NNW

Look, below, there's Obama with Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals"! Well, not really, but he does use the dirty-fighters' rules, as we've noticed very well. He usually has his brownshirt stormtroopers (like the criminal/terrorist-organization ACORN and the violently racist New Black Panthers terrorist group) do the dirty work for him so he looks "clean". We saw what his people did to Sarah Palin. To Rush Limbaugh. To FOX News (despite the fact the FOX is known even by Leftists to be the only truly fair and balanced major news network in America). To Joe the Plumber. And now they're going after the firefighter who won his Supreme Court racial-discrimination case against Obama's SC-judge nomination pick, the notoriously racist, sexist Sonia Sotomayor, who callously refused to hear the firefighter's racial-discrimination suit because she hates white men.

Obama is NOT a nice man at all. Open your eyes and use your brain. He's a mean man. A racist. A radical Communist. A Global-Governance extremist. A puppet of George Soros. He's a Manchurian Candidate.

As long as the Left wages this unnecessary civil war against all that's good about the Free World and against those who love the Free World as it's been known, I and others on my side will continue to fight their fire with our own return and preemptive fire. And I and others on my side are determined to achieve victory.

The goal of those who defend the Free World against those who want to destroy it or set the stage for its gradual absorption by the Axis of Evil, by International Socialism, by the Global Governance/One World extremists... shall be to take away the power of the Left to continue to dismantle the Free World.

And, today, more than ever before, it's critical. Just watch Obama ignore the U.S. Constitution and act as if he's above the law. And get away with it because the Left now, after decades of slow infiltration and corruption, controls pretty much everything.

The Left must be stopped cold in its tracks, and the tracks taken out from under its wheels.