Sunday, July 05, 2009

Obama's Fave Blog Spews Vile Hatred Against Palin, Son

This is just appalling!

This is Obama's favorite, preferred blog.

Obama invited the Huffington Post to ask him a question, which was already pre-arranged.

And Obama himself has been known to make fun of the Special Olympics.

What a team, eh? My, but how tolerant. How not-hateful. How sophisticated. How urbane. How enlightened. How nuanced. How progressive.

That's the nature of Obammunism, folks.

Expect the Left to continue attacking Sarah Palin and her family, including the most vulnerable members.

This despite the fact that Obama said that his family's off-limits to political opponents' comments. Shouldn't Palin's family also be off-limits? Does Obama think it's ok for his minions to attack his opponents' family members? Obviously, as Obama's a Leftist, and we know that part of being a Leftist is to practice double standards.

Stop using Trig Palin for political/ideological warfare purposes, all you hateful "progressives" out there!