Thursday, July 09, 2009

Nope, Not A "Fringe Element"

... but, rather, those who actually represent the majority, mainstream Canadian viewpoint.

The taxpayers really don't want their hard-earned, too-easily-confiscated dollars being used to finance silly parades that contain, amongst other silly things, infractions of the law such as full-frontal male nudity, willies and nuts all over the place...

Shame on "gay" propagandists for spreading Big Lies about the majority/mainstream of Canadian taxpayers.

The reality is that most taxpayers really don't care whether there's silly parades, so long as the silly parade organizers finance it via their own resources, not including funds confiscated from the over-abused taxpayers who scream for decent necessary services!

Only far-leftwing fringe elements out there support the use of confiscated taxpayer resources to finance unnecessary, silly, far-leftwing propaganda demonstrations, no matter how sugarcoated they may be.

There's obviously enough folks who want such parades... they can pool their resources to hold them all by themselves. The taxpayers are already footing some of the bill, like with police protection for the paraders, etc., so to take even more from the taxpayers is unacceptable, and, yes, intolerable. It is intolerable to impose stuff onto people at their expense. If folks want to impose, they must do so, financed out of their own wallets and/or the wallets of willing, voluntary, fully-informed donors. But if they demand the taxpayers pay for it all, then I say, let's go to court to get the whole thing kiboshed so they can't steal our money anymore.

You are free to enjoy your rights, so long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others, including taxpayers.