Friday, July 10, 2009

Just Watch The Old Media Pile It On The Rightie...

...cue the violins, eh?

So Harper ain't perfect. He had a brainfart. Who doesn't?

But neither is Obama. Obama's far worse.

So why does Harper get the third degree from the Old Media, but Obama gets exalted despite his far greater preponderance of flaws, flubs, bloopers, slurs and, unlike Harper, racist remarks? And don't forget that the Old Media isn't making a big deal of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's many flaws, and doesn't dredge up ancient history against him, but they'll throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at Harper.

It's because Harper's a Conservative. And the Old Media will throw everything they've got at Conservatives and Republicans, whereas they cover up for and protect Liberals and Democrats, no matter what.

And the report continues with the myth that Harper failed to consume the Host when offered Holy Communion. The report fails to have done its research and may have ignored the fact that the Prime Minister's Office says he consumed it, that others, including the Speaker of the Senate and the Priest who gave Harper the Host, say he consumed it. The video actually was off Harper right after the Host was given to him, and only comes back onto him when his hand happens to be going into his pocket.

Looks like the Canadian Press/Yahoo! News are slow to gather the latest facts.

It's not fair, is it?