Thursday, July 02, 2009

Iggy Claims His Bigotry 'Misinterpreted'

Michael "Iggy" Ignatieff, Liberal Leader-Unelected: It's not about me; it's all about the other guys! The other guys are the bigots!

Yeah, suuuure.

He's just trying to make it about other people, when he knows full well that it's about himself.

What a great excuse someone came up with for him to use to claim that he's not a prejudiced, intolerant, horribly arrogant buffoon.

He belittled and smeared an entire identifiable group 15 years ago.

No, after all this time, only now, he's making up some story about "actually I was being ironic and talking about the prejudices of other folks towards these wonderful Ukranians".

I'm sure that Iggy has the perfect "explanation" for all the words he's used over the decades. Or someone will give him the perfect "explanation".

Everything can be "explained away" as long as one's a Liberal, apparently.

And the Old Media will automatically take the Liberal at his word. The Old Media, after all, is Liberal-positive...

But normal folks aren't going to buy his "explanation", nor will they see as sincere the cynical ass-kissing he's now giving the Ukrainian Community to coax them to vote for him now.

Liberals are about sophisticated, nuanced prejudice and bigotry, with which they keep getting away by "explaining" it away and turning it all around to point fingers at "other people", calling "other people, not us" the bigots. And, as I pointed out above, the Old Media automatically grants them a "get out of trouble free" pass.

ht: NNW