Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day, My American Friends!

John Trumball's "Declaration of Independence"

View the Declaration of Independence itself up close.

It's real, it actually was written and made into the law of the land. It's sacred, sarcosanct, immortal, eternal, important, and it absolutely matters, and always will. Unfortunately, to some, whom I will not name right now, but I think you know who I mean, it's an inconvenience to be denied. Some want to effectively abolish it.

Today is really about the Declaration of Independence, hence the holiday is named Independence Day. Some would like to re-write the whole story, unfortunately.

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Before 1776, only two Constitutional Republics even attempted to bring any form of freedom and liberty to mankind: The Greek and Roman Empires. But the people of these great nations became apathetic, not realizing, as John F. Kennedy wisely warned, “Complacency is the jailer of freedom.”

So, while the Fourth of July has become a day of festivities (celebrating if nothing else, a day by the pool or at the beach), what Americans really are observing is the fact that a relative handful of courageous citizens lit a flame of liberty and installed a form of government that has governed over unprecedented prosperity and individual liberty. And even today, “the glow from that fire can truly light the world.”

Don't take your freedom for granted, else it will be taken away from you.