Monday, July 06, 2009

Geert Wilders's Party Tops In Latest Poll
Geert Wilders, Leader, Party For Freedom
(Wish I had hair like that guy!)

Story here.

THE HAGUE. For the first time, the Party for Freedom (PVV) is the top-scoring party in both leading opinion polls. Geert Wilders' party reached this position in Maurice de Hond's poll three months ago, and has now come top in the Synovate poll as well.
The political landscape of Europe is changing for the better. Europeans have come to understand the grave threat of Islamic supremacism and imperialism, of Islamization, to their countries and way of life. They want a common-sense approach from now on, in which everyone is to be equal, and no one is to be superior. No more appeasement, no more concessions, with respect to any special-interest groups, including Muslims. Muslims must accept to be equal and cannot be superior. Muslims must accept the constitutions, laws, traditions, cultures and ways of life of Europe if they want to be left alone. Muslims must leave Europe alone, not try to transform it in the name of Islam, not try to impose their ideals on others. This must be said because as a group they ARE trying to do these things, and the Leftist political parties in power to date have been letting them have their way, letting them do what they want, letting them be above the law and above the constitutions, letting them be superior. No more of this, Europeans are saying!