Monday, July 06, 2009

Chinese Communists Massacre Muslims

Photo taken in Xinjiang region Sunday.
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But it's ok, since the Communist government of China is LEFTIST! (Funny how Al Qaeda doesn't attack LEFTIST China, despite the fact that the country's regime is always corralling, imprisoning, torturing and murdering Muslims! WTF is up with that? Food for thought! Is Al Qaeda for real, or a stooge/weapon of international socialism, designed to attack the Free World, with defence of Muslims a false cover? AQ now has a credibility problem as far as I'm concerned, and I wonder how come they're not blowing stuff up in Russia, who's hardly Muslim-friendly herself, having massacred the Chechen Muslims and gotten away with it... shouldn't the "international community" and the international Old Media be talking about this? Hmm...)...

Can't interfere in LEFTIST-OPPRESSED China's internal affairs. Butt out or else!

Better to interfere in NON-LEFTIST Israel and NON-LEFTIST Honduras. Better attack 'em with the proxy-stooge Palis (all the time) and Nicaragua, who's already positioning its military to attack Honduras. (What's happening here is that the INTERNATIONAL LEFT is against NON-LEFTIST Honduras, just like they're against NON-LEFTIST Israel, and they see military action against these nations as OK, whereas military action against LEFTIST OR MUSLIM nations to be intolerable and unacceptable).

Via Reuters:

(...) exiled Uighur groups adamantly rejected the Chinese government claim of a plot. They said the riot was an outpouring of pent-up anger over government policies and Han Chinese dominance of economic opportunities.

"They're blaming us as a way to distract the Uighurs' attention from the discrimination and oppression that sparked this protest," said Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the World Uyghur Congress in exile in Sweden.

Discrimination and oppression! By the LEFTIST regime of China! If this were said to be happening in a NON-LEFTIST country, whether true or false, well, the community organizers there would be rounding up the young LEFTIST thugs and ruffians to hold destructively violent protests and burn their national flags and leaders in effigy, calling them butchers and murderers and Hitlers and so on and so forth... But the LEFT will not raise much ruckus against a butcherous LEFTIST regime like China, obviously. Just as most American LEFTISTS stopped protesting in America against war and against the killing of Muslims in Muslim lands.... because now America has a LEFTIST President and Congress/Senate!

Look, the Chinese LEFTIST regime is claiming CONSPIRACY THEORIES AGAINST THE MUSLIMS! Is the LEFT going to believe anyone's conspiracy theories? Oh, yes, as long as the conspiracy theories come from the LEFT!

The government's claims of conspiracy by pro-independence exiles echo the handling of rioting across Tibetan areas in March last year, which Beijing also called a plot hatched abroad.
One would think that the LEFT would come up with a new conspiracy theory, rather than recycling the same old one. It sounds a bit convenient, doesn't it?

Again we hear of Han Chinese being the majority. The LEFTIST regime is mostly Han Chinese, we know, and one must think about that. One can see, from long-term observation of China, that there appears to be some kind of racism in China, with Han ethnics oppressing non-Han ethnics. It appears, therefore, to be a regime of APARTHEID IN CHINA!

Photo taken in Xinjiang region Sunday.

Via Epoch Times:

A witness in Urumqi, Xinjiang province of China has reported that Chinese soldiers shot Uighur protesters on Sunday, causing many deaths and injuries. They said that dead bodies were seen being put into military vehicles.

Uighurs were protesting peacefully in the northwestern Chinese city of Urumqi after an incident in a toy factory in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province a week ago. Allegedly, a fight broke out in the factory between several hundred Uighur and Han Chinese workers after a rape. Apparently there were 118 wounded and two female Uighur workers killed in the fight. All Uighur workers were fired following the incident—causing protests to build in Urumqi, according to state media.

That's the discrimination against the Muslims: They were all blamed and fired for the whole thing. No wonder they were angry and protested! See? Muslims were discriminated against by the LEFTIST regime of China!

China is obviously a RACIST, APARTHEID-PRACTICING regime!

(...) armed police would arrest any Uighur on the streets of Urumqi.

ANY Muslim seen on the street was arrested! RACIAL PROFILING!

Where's the outrage over racial profiling? Don't expect any; because it's being committed by a LEFTIST regime, which means it's ok in the eyes of the LEFT!

The Chinese Communist Party is now committing ETHNIC CLEANSING OF MUSLIMS!

Dolqun Eysa from the World Uigher Congress said, “What happened in Shaoquan on June 26 must have been manipulated by the Chinese Communist regime and been executed by the civilians with the agenda of genocide of Uighur people. It was an organized, premeditated, and systematic event.”

So why isn't the LEFT, the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY and AL QAEDA and the UNITED NATIONS calling for some kind of devastating consequences against the Communist Regime of China? Because it's LEFTIST! OK FOR THE LEFT TO MASSACRE MUSLIMS!

Judging from the online videos of the protests, all the Han people attacking Uighurs were using the exact same rod as weapons—the two ethnic groups are traditionally at odds with each other.
According to a witness, there were unidentified people distributing rods as weapons, but the Chinese police didn’t stop the distribution nor the people from attacking Uighurs with the rods. Instead, the police were seen to assist the Han people in attacking Uighurs. The witness said that half of the injured Uighurs were attacked by the police.

Interesting. Apparently the Communist Party distributed standard weapons to ethnic Hans for the purpose of bludgeoning any and all Muslims they saw. See? See what's happening? Will the LEFT, the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY and the OLD MEDIA give a shit about this? NO! Because it's a LEFTIST REGIME, and everything goes as long as it's all done in the name of LEFTISM and what the Chinese Communist Party bullshittingly calls "STABILITY".

Well, the actual cause of instability is racism, discrimination, state-sanctioned rape, torture, murder, corruption, police brutality, etc., etc... So the CCP's claims that there's NO HUMAN RIGHTS in China BECAUSE without which there'd be "INSTABILITY" is a BIG LIE. Hey, if America (under Republican control, not now) were to take human rights away from Muslims in the name of "stability" and "preventing terrorism", there'd be hell to pay, wouldn't there? But not in LEFTIST-RULED China!

And, Jennifer Lynch of the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, please take note, as you need some realistic perspective, baby, and just might feel as if you personally are looking into a mirror:

Dilxat Raxit said, “Since the Shaoguan incident, there have been a large number of comments on the Chinese Internet against Uighurs. The Chinese government has such severe control over China’s Internet, but China’s Internet police leave these comments alone. On the other hand, why are Uighurs forbidden from making any comment?”

The Chinese Communist Party is using its propagandists to go online and spread hatred and contempt against the Muslims! Definitely it'll bring about violence! Where's the outrage against this SPREADING OF LEFTIST HATRED AND CONTEMPT AGAINST MUSLIMS?

The World Uighur Congress strongly condemned the Chinese Communist regime for its military suppression of the Uighur people’s nonviolent protest. It called the Uighur government “weak and lacking action” toward the Shaoguan incident. The congress also urges the international community to intervene in the Shaoguan incident to reveal the truth.

Expect the LEFT, THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY AND THE OLD MEDIA to blame the Muslims for the whole thing, and probably praise the Communists for restoring "stability" and protecting the business and profit interests of the world in China.

So why the HELL isn't Osama bin Laden getting all pissy-hissy against the Chinese Communist Party, then? Is Osama actually a stooge of the Communists? Do the Communists fund Al Qaeda, as well as does the Islamic World? We must really begin to ask such questions!

It's all about HAN SUPREMACISM! (And MONEY!)

Look familiar?

Big and extravagant, just like under Hitler's Nazis, isn't it?

UPDATE: In an eerie parallel...

In Honduras...


Hunter Smith, July 5th;

"He did see an older man in a white shirt reach down into the blood pool and cover his hands. He then wiped them on his shirt to make it look like his blood or that he had been involved. Hunter saw what he thought was an AP photographer take the man's picture. Hunter said if you see it on the web, don't believe it. It was faked."