Saturday, July 04, 2009

Chavez Regime Kills 240 Radio Stations

"Failure to submit appropriate documents to government".

All 240 stations. All of a sudden.

Oh, really?

Yeah, right. Suuuure. The Chavez Regime can make up whatever lie it wants to get its way. Whatcha gonna do? What can ya do? They'll probably ultimately kill you if you don't submit to their totalitarianism.

The government last month began a process of updating the registration of TV and radio stations under a law regulating broadcasters, and demanded that all outlets file information with the regulatory agency by June 23 including details about assets and ownership.

Cabello, a close ally of President Hugo Chavez, said the radio stations that stand to lose their licenses "are not interested in updating their information" and aren't complying with the law. It remained unclear what recourse the stations might have.

The move comes amid tensions generated by investigations against opposition-aligned television channel Globovision that could lead to its closure.

Cabello said the government has also opened investigations into a group of unidentified broadcasters for airing segments by two non-governmental organizations supporting private property rights.

Obviously they're being shut down for no valid reason other than they're inconvenient to the Chavez Regime and its totalitarian socialist Agenda. They dissent from the socialist/totalitarian agenda of the Chavez Regime, therefore they're being silenced. Bureaucratic nonsense and lies are the excuses to shut them down, either via voluntary silence or by police-state force.

The Obama Regime in America is currently looking into ways to blunt and render ineffective the voice of opposition talk radio as well. They call it the "Fairness Doctrine", but, funny how it only targets talk radio, the only medium (other than FOX News, a network surrounded by a sea of Obama-worshipping socialist networks) where conservative commentators are hugely successful and where leftists like Al Franken failed miserably...

Brothers in socialism: Barack Hussein Obama and Hugo Chavez:
Different styles, same agenda
(socialism, totalitarianism, silencing dissent)