Saturday, June 02, 2007

So It's OK For Lebanon to Bomb "Palestine"?

...but not ok for Israel to do it?

Why is this?

I don't see any big leftwing protests in the streets in response to this defensive, preemptive operation by Lebanon against "Palestine". The wholly peaceful, harmless, cute-as-fluffy-little-puppies "Palestinians" are being killed in this self-defensive operation by Lebanon. And the left, who I could've sworn thought the "Palestinians" were the people most deserving of their sympathy, doesn't give a splattering shit about it anymore! Amazing!

Apparently the international left believes that Lebanon has an inalienable right to defend herself from the murderous, imperialistic "Palestinians"... but Israel has no such right?

I see. Very well, then...

This is what the left is about. Discrimination.

I hereby invite the left to try to justify this preferential treatment they're according Lebanon after all that ripping-into-Israel they've done over the years, the decades, for simply exercising her indubitable sovereign right to fight, in direct response to actual acts of war and murder against her people, her mortal enemies ... Yes, leftists, come on and try to prove that Lebanon has a right to defend herself proactively and reactively while Israel has no such right whatsoever and must submit to destruction at the hands of her mortal enemies. Come on! What are you waiting for? Chicken? Or just can't explain your inconsistency and discrimination?

Oh, screw the leftists! They're, without any doubt, brainless, prejudiced, hateful-as-hell anti-Israel bigots!

So why don't they protest Lebanon? Why not carry picket signs equating the Lebanese flag to a swastika, their leader to Hitler and all that crap? It's not as if they're above such activity...