Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Emissions Credit Trading a Failure, EU Ups GHG Emissions

And guess what? I still see no climate change... the sky so far hasn't fallen. Chicken Little, please calm the bloody hell down, willya?

Story here. h/t: National Newswatch

(Emphasis all mine)

The EU's carbon trading scheme has increased electricity bills, given a windfall to power companies and failed to cut greenhouse gases, it is claimed.

Oh, and as for leftists who will try to make lots of hay of the phrase "it is claimed", need I really remind them that they themselves claim a lot of stuff all the time which we know to be pure b.s., including the same b.s. put forth by those "scientists" of the UN's IPCC "climate change" panel, which is really a farce, a big show, a big, fat lie by corrupt, greedy folks, including those who claim to be "scientists"?


An investigation by BBC Radio 4's File on 4 programme has found that after two and half years the scheme has yet to cut in carbon dioxide emissions.

Hey... What have I been saying... what has a lot of folks been saying all along? That the Kyoto Protocol's provision for emissions credits trading is just a money-making scam for selected, chosen, lucky entities that will not do anything to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Well...

Provisional government figures from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) suggest CO2 output in Britain actually went up, by 1.25% last year wiping out a slight drop of 0.01% in 2005.

What'd I tell you? Emissions went up in Britain last year, despite the fact that they ratified Kyoto! Oh, my! Britain is in BIG trouble! Whatever will happen to them now, considering that Kyoto is "enforceable"? Will the UN bomb Britain? Will they fine Britain? Nah! Not a chance! Why? Because Kyoto is pure b.s., exactly like the theory (yes, it's just a theory and isn't proven!) of manmade climate change and the "United Nations"!

And it isn't just Britain, either. It would appear to be happening in the entire EU as a whole:

It is also reckoned that CO2 emissions across the EU also rose by between 1 and 1.5% over the last two years.

Ok, so the word is "reckoned". Well, the IPCC Panel, I would say, also "reckons" that man is responsible for climate change and that if we don't go back to pre-industrial living, the world will soon come to an end.

I notice also how authorities try to spin this in a positive, optimistic manner, claiming that, sure, there've been "problems" early in the going and that things will soon work out well, but come on... gimme a break, eh? That's the same line the old Liberal regime in Canada fed us for years and years as they deliberately screwed up all sorts of things. "Some problems... problems are normal... working on it", yeah, sure!

Mark my words: the Kyoto Protocol is already and will continue to be a massive failure and will soon enough be abandoned in favor of the Next Great Leftist Lie. I wonder what it'll be? Something bizarre and immediately dismissable by the reasonable person!