Friday, June 29, 2007

Armed Terrorists Openly Walking Around in Canada Right Now

That's right. Believe it or not.

This is literally happening as we speak.

Story here.

Armed Mohawk protesters got an early start to the Canada-wide aboriginal day of action on Friday, barricading a major rail line and a highway in eastern Ontario before one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.


The protesters, many wearing masks and army fatigues, sang and beat drums on the road.

"Protesters"? Look, they have guns and are dressed to kill. One of the terrorists says:

"We've made no secret that we have guns within this camp,"

"It's our intent to go out and ensure a safe day. Unfortunately, previous incidents have shown that aggressive tactics by the police need to be met with equal resistance by the people they're bringing those against."

Hmm... so it's ok for "Natives" to be armed to fend off government forces whom the perceive to be against them or something.

But not for anyone else. I see. "Natives" have a right to liberty and a right to not be subject to unreasonable treatment by the state, but non-Natives don't. I see. Very well. This is the way the left wants Canada to be.

No exaggeration. Terrorists. Armed. Disrupting things. Scaring people. Scaring police, who, due to orders from their political masters, can do little or nothing because the terrorists are of a certain race or ancestral heritage.

And the Liberals and other leftwing entities are silent, despite supposedly being vehemently opposed to having people walking around with guns in Canada.

People with guns.
In the streets.
In the cities.
In Canada.
We didn't make this up.
Choose your Canada.
Apparently most folks are forbidden in Canada to have guns. But "Native" folks can walk around threateningly, dressed in military fatigues... and the police can do nothing.
Where did Canada go wrong?