Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Incredible "Palestinian" Insanity

Now pregnant "Palestinian" mamas are getting into the blow-self-up action.

This pregnant mama of eight is one such example.

What the hell kind of "nation" is "Palestine", anyway?

What kind of people should form an actual, independent, sovereign country?

Obviously not these folks. One simply cannot found a real country upon the concept of blowing oneself (and one's unborn child... and/or one's existing children) up as a raison d'etre!

In fact, they never, never, never actually declared statehood, no matter how perfect the opportunity.

To have declared statehood would've meant to precisely define borders, among other things, and to do so would be anathema to the raison d'etre of "Palestine", which is to destroy Israel and nothing more.

"Palestine" has never, does not, nor ever will, exist. Get used to this reality.

Any questions?