Friday, June 08, 2007

CAIR, ISNA 'Unindicted Co-Conspirators in Terrorism'

It's time to simply declare them illegal & shut them down for their support of terrorism, including funding it as well as ideologically favoring it.

Why the hell not? Who's really running things in America? Why are our enemies/enemies' facilitators doing as they please with the blessing of the state?

Oh, and the same applies to Canada. I want the CAIR-Canada and ISNA crushed & pulverized here, too.

No organization which advocates for and facilitates an ideological movement to destroy freedom, democracy and the rule of law in the Free World has any business being tolerated by the state, nor by the people such an organization threatens.

And, lest they, these Islamofascistic entities, utter the completely predictable retort, let me immunize my readers against it: this is NOT "Islamophobia". What it IS is national security! So if caring about the security of the Free World from all enemies, whoever be they, makes me an "Islamophobe" or any other leftwing epithet hurled unfairly at me, then I'll proudly wear a t-shirt announcing this "fact"!

Anyone who wants to live free in the Free World... and still wants to take away the Free World's freedom, democracy and rule of law... can and must necessarily be persecuted! After all, people who advocate for freedom, democracy and the rule of law are themselves persecuted! But don't expect leftists to know anything of this... they're like the three proverbial monkeys, after all, whether the issue be Islamic organizations like the aforementioned promoting and facilitating terrorism or just ordinary folks being hauled before those strange, unconstitutional "human rights" tribunals simply for rightly, honestly pointing the finger at them and speaking the truth...

And, once again, I warn that I take no lessons from the ignorant, intolerant, myopic, narrow-worldview international left on this or any other matter! They always look the other way on the evil of our enemies, citing their "differences" as jusitfying their evil, and on the unconstitutional persecution of innocent persons now underway in the Free World as well as the Non-Free World, despite their supposed freedoms and despite the supposed rule of law upon which the Free World is based. So if it's ok, in the view of the international left, to crack down on, censor, arrest, take rights away from and otherwise persecute and harrass Christians, Jews, Falun Gong practitioners and any others for whom the international left has no use... then, leftists: shut the f... up!

Just make it clear that enemies within, such as those of the same imperialistic, ideological agenda as Al Qaeda's Osama bin Laden, are not going to be tolerated! How hard is this to understand?