Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Olmert Dhimmis Up to Hamas

The Schmuck
Story here.
Is Ehud Olmert, inexplicably still the PM of Israel despite having virtually zero support of Israelis, being controlled by international leftist forces... or perhaps by the KGB?
Could Olmert be the KGB's man on the inside, at the very top?
Or is he just a really, really dumb schmuck? No one in their right mind will believe he cares about Israel's survival, given his habitually-anti-Israeli-survival behavior, which, for me, first manifested itself in last summer's Olmert's Big Pulled Punch in the war with Hezbollah.
Why the hell else would he keep on doing these things which are anathema to Israel's survival?
Ehud Olmert: Dumb Schmuck... or something worse?
I hope Israel moves to replace him, and fast! Don't wait... democracy can include removing a duly elected official considered by most to be acting against the interests of the people. No need to wait till he resigns or calls an election. Israel, in my opinion, can't wait for this schmuck to surrender the country to the forces of evil.