Saturday, June 30, 2007

Personal Jihad Attempt at Glasgow Airport

Story here.

GLASGOW, Scotland -- Two men tried to ram a sport utility vehicle with flames pouring from it into the main terminal of Glasgow airport on Saturday, crashing into the glass doors at the entrance and sparking a fire, witnesses said.

Yet another Jeep gets sacrificed. What is it with these personal-jihad folks and Jeeps? Jeeps are good. They're classics. Why destroy them?

Mercedes-Benzes are good, too, yet yesterday two of them nearly blew up thanks to Islamic jihadists. Why not blow up Chinese-made "Cherys" instead? Nobody wants to drive those blood cars.

UPDATE: It was a terrorist attack. It has now been linked to the two car bombs of the previous day.

One of the men arrested in the attack is said to have been wearing a bomb belt.

The United Kingdom is now at "Critical" alert level.

Now, I'm reminded of a couple of very similarly unusually suspicious characters I saw one day this past week, here in Canada, twenty minutes and about five kilometers apart. I would therefore hope that security is being tightened in and around oil refining facilities. Liberals will call me paranoid, but they'd have also called anyone paranoid for raising the alram about seeing the 9/11 terror plot coming. So I say: better alive and looking like a dork than dead.