Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ex-"Gay" Running Against Current "Lesbian" for San Diego Council Seat

Story here.

Yes, people can change. Just because some folks tell us that certain things are supposedly "innate", "hereditary", etc... doesn't mean that they're not lying or simply expressing an ideological belief.

We can choose our own way of life. After all, freedom of the will, freedom to control who one is... is a fundamental essence of humanity.

Why would anyone seek to deny anyone the right to be what one wants to be? If one wants to be straight, even if one wasn't before, then let them. Don't demonize them or censor them. Let them speak. They have every right, too, to express themselves, share their experiences, values and preferences.

Congratulations, James Hartline, for thinking for yourself and choosing, without uninvited ideological coercion, who you will be.

How about some tolerance... both ways, not just one way? Yes, James Hartline has every right to be who he wants to be... and talk openly about it... as much as he pleases. The United States Constitution guarantees him this liberty.